Student Transportation


The window for online registration and payment for the 2013-2014 school year is now open. All students, except those in grades K-6 who live more than two (2) miles from their school, must pay for transportation unless otherwise qualified for financial assistance.

Registration forms must be received by Tuesday, June 25, 2013.  The bus fee increases from $180 to $230 per student after that date.  Late registration after June 25, 2013 is subject to space being available on the bus regardless of fee or free status.Bus routes and bus stops are based on data received by the June 25, 2013deadline. Bus passes will not be issued without full payment, qualification for free service (K-6 students who reside more than two miles from their school),or qualification for Financial Assistance (application required).

Please take advantage of the one-stop Online Registration and Payment Center that has been created through Unibank. All students in a household can be entered here, including those eligible for Free transportation (provided at least one student is paying). There is a $0.25 charge for payment by electronic check through the center.There is an additional fee for payment by credit or debit card (schedule on their website).

If you only have students who qualify for Free transportation, wish to request financial assistance, or simply do not want to use the online registration and payment center, please utilize the links at the upper left hand corner of this page for registration and financial assistance.

Register and make payment now using the Registration and Online Payment Center

Fees will be prorated and refunded according to the following schedules:


September-December 100%
January-March 75%
April-June 50%


September-December 50%
January-March 25%
April-June 0%

Student Transportation Contacts

Janet Delano, Bus Dispatcher
(508) 358-7543

Daily Bus or Driver Issues

Dianne Potter, Transportation Coordinator
(508) 358-3753
Tuesday and Thursday only (Routes and Registration)

Linda Quinn, First Student Bus Operations
(508) 481-5346