ELL Elementary School

Loker Elementary ELL Staff

Ms. Amy Behr

Happy Hollow ELL Staff

Ms. Alla Shmidt

Claypit Hill ELL Staff

Ms. Virginia Toner

Loker Elementary ELL Staff

Ms. Rita Trotta

Happy Hollow ELL Staff

Ms. Stephanie Frye   

Claypit Hill and High School ELL Staff

Brendan Ferriter   

Elementary Math
Elementary Reading and Writing 
Strategies for ELLs in the Classroom

Our English Language Learner Programs in the Elementary Schools offer English as a Second Language Instruction (ESL Instruction) to Emerging Bilingual students (students who speak a language other than English in their home.) Students are placed in their grade level classrooms and are taught English as needed throughout their day, depending on their English Proficiency Level. The English Language teacher works with the student in a separate classroom on English instruction, and pushes into the student's classroom to assist them with daily class work. We are fortunate to have a growing bilingual population in Wayland and look forward to supporting you and your child. 
Click on this link to learn about the English Language Development Levels (ELD): https://www.wida.us/standards/eld.aspx  
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Wayland's ELL Program