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Chinese Language & Culture

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Chinese Language & Culture students

Chinese Language & Culture

Since 2006, WSCP has been bringing after-school Chinese Language & Culture classes to Wayland schools. Here, program founder Coco Min Zhou introduces student participants in the Wayland Chinese-American Association's Chinese New Year Celebration. The event featured a glow-in-the-dark dragon dance, drumming performances, dance, poetry, and Chinese yo-yo demonstration.
Click below to enjoy a video of the students' presentation as led by Coco Min Zhou and Ling Zheng:

New Year video presentation

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E-Mail: or Ling

Contacts:  Coco Min Zhou, 508-650-4884, Ling Zheng, 617-620-2240 

For Grades K - 5 in all three elementary schools

Question & Answer with:
Coco Min Zhou, program founder

Q: What kind of feedback do you get from parents and students regarding the value of these programs?

A:  We continue to receive positive and encouraging feedback from parents. Some 6th grade middle school students, our program "graduates," enjoy our Chinese class so much, they travel from the Middle School to continue studies at our weekly advanced level class at Claypit Hill School.

We are proud to see these students continue their Chinese learning journey in the 7th grade Chinese class offered at Wayland Middle School.  With the foundation of studying Chinese at a young age, graduates excel in their Chinese study in middle school and high school; some participate in Wayland High School's China Exchange Program. Some continue to study Chinese in college.They are enthusiastic about Chinese language and culture, and have language skills that help them succeed in their future Chinese study.

Some of our alumni even continue with private Chinese lessons with our teachers while they study a second foreign language in middle school and high school.

Q:  What's the history of the program and what are its strengths?

A:  We've been part of Wayland School Community Program for 12 years. We offer Chinese language and culture lessons to students whose primary language is not Chinese. We have multi-level classes in all three Wayland elementary schools.

As for strengths, our teachers have many years of experience teaching young children and are all native speakers of Chinese.

Q:  Can you describe the curriculum and what topics are covered?
A:  Students learn to speak Chinese on topics of daily life.They learn about Chinese culture, China land and cities, holidays and traditions, Chinese zodiac animals, and the panda. 

Food and dining is also introduced to students through hands-on lessons: holiday celebrations, arts and crafts, cooking lessons, and artist visits. 

What Parents and Students Like About the Program:

Teachers are experienced, enthusiastic, and caring.
Activities are fun and engaging.
Instruction is high quality.
Students like learning about the culture while learning the language.
Students love the yo-yo class.
Likewise, they love learning how to make dumplings.
Singing Chinese songs is another kid favorite.
Classes foster interest in learning Chinese language and culture.  

Global Child

    Offering French and Spanish Classes
      Zouhaida Elian, Global Child Regional Coordinator


    Telephone: 781-444-7377

    Global Child Class

    In Wayland Since 2002.
    Global Child introduced after-school French and Spanish classes in Wayland in 2002. The program continues to introduce young students to world languages and cultures. Programs are offered at Claypit Hill, Happy Hollow, and Loker Schools.  Instructors use a hands-on approach for children in Grades K-5.  Games, music, and skits are among the teaching techniques employed. 

    Global Child Schedule      
    Classes start upon school dismissal and end at 4:10 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays and at 2:55 pm on Wednesdays.

    Claypit Hill   

    Beginner French   K - 5  
    French Theme: Home & Family  1 - 5   
    October 1, 2019 - December 3, 2019  and February 4 - May 5, 2019 
    2:25 pm - 3:15 pm


    Beginner Spanish  K - 5
    Spanish Theme:  Home & Family   1 - 5
    October 3, 2019 - December 12, 2019 and February 6, 2019 - May 7, 2019
    2:25 pm - 3:15 pm  

    Happy Hollow

    Beginner Spanish          K - 5
    Spanish Theme: Home & Family   1 - 5  

    Beginner French    K -5 
    French Theme: Home & Family 1 - 5

    October 2, 2019 - December 18, 2019,  and February 5 - May 6, 2019 
    1:15 pm - 2:05 pm

    Loker School

    Beginner Spanish   K - 5   
    Spanish Theme: Home & Family  1 - 5

    Beginner French   K - 5  
    French Theme: Home & Family   1 - 5  

    October 2, 2019 - December 18, 2019,  and February 5 - May 6, 2019 
    1:15 pm - 2:05 pm

    Questions and Answers

    Q: What kind of feedback do you get from parents and children regarding the value of these programs?
    A:  Parents love that the Global Child instructors are native speakers, and interactive and engaging with students. They make language learning fun and share their passion for thier native language. 

    Another feature that is appreciated by parents is that classes are held in the children's school immediately following the school day.

    Q:  After finishing/aging out of your programs, what kind of follow up do you hear from former students about their preparation for further language learning and fluency?
    A:  Children from our program will enter middle school classes confident about their ability to learn languages and with an excellent accent.  Having learned the sound system, they are well prepared to focus on new, age-appropriate vocabulary and on reading and writing.

    Q:  Who started Global Child back in 1992?
    A:  Two world langue specialists started it. They were responding to parent demands that children be taught a world language at an early age. 

    Our program is based on the premise that children learn languages best at an early age and that learning another language is one of the best way to become part of the global community. We now programs in 24 communities  - in both public and private schools throughout Massachusetts.

    Q:  What do you consider the main strength of Global Child?
    A:  It is our talented teachers. All Global Child teachers are fluent in the language they are teaching. We have a 90% return rate on our teachers.
    We hire, supervise, and train the teachers They are trained in the curricula they are teaching and provided with visuals and other teaching materials. Our curricula is proven and successful.

    Q:  How would you describe the teaching methods?
    A:  Our program emphasizes listening and speaking skills with culture integrated into the language. We follow the visuals, manipulatives, and motion approach to teaching. Singing and games are emphasized, especially with the lower grades. We offer 12 different curricula in both Spanish and French.

    Maximum students in class: 12          Minimum students in class:   6

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